Noise Destroyer

John Atkinson and I have made an agreement. When John is not taking part in any of the eight "Demonstration of Live High-Resolution Recordings" seminars he has scheduled over the course of the Fest, he will cover the exhibits in the Marriott's Atrium rooms, and I will cover exhibits in the Tower. Of course, each of us is free to cross over to the other side if we're dying to hear something. But that's the plan.

As I head to the Tower, I stop to say hello to Robert Stein of UltraSystems, Inc./The Cable Company. (You know, 57 varieties, all kosher. Robert is excited about HiFi-Tuning’s Noise Destroyer, a parallel AC filter (wall-wart) that plugs into a "free socket" within the AC circuit and gets rid of RFI and EMI pollutants. The filter, being parallel, is doesn't limit current, and reputedly does not adversely affect dynamics. In the photo, Robert uses a meter to show that only 3.6% of noise originally measured on the hotel's line remains once the Noise Destroyer is plugged into the circuit. What is not shown is the performance of a rival product, which simply did not cut it. Retailing for $249.95, or $449.95/pair, Robert has cut the price in half for show visitors. Very, very convincing.