Smiles and Blue Circles

Gilbert Yeung of Blue Circle Audio never fails to brighten my day. In this case, his electronics did likewise.

The combination of the April Music Stello CDT200 transport; Blue Circle’s BC 501 DAC, BmPH 160Wpc, class-AB, solid-state integrated amplifier, MR1200 power conditioner, BC602 passive conditioner, and full complement of cabling, all feeding Selah Audio 3D speakers, may have produced a more modest presentation than the significantly more expensive, entirely different Artemis Labs/Verity pairing, but shared that system’s lovely tonal balance and excellent pace. As usual, Blue Circle’s tonally balanced presentation got the sound right. Besides, any designer who walks around CES sporting Mickey Mouse ears and displaying bottles of virtual snake oil gets my vote.

cajunbaseball's picture

Excellent sound here and very nice guys. Sound here was among the 5 best at the show IMHO.

Jason Victor Serinus's picture

Thanks for this. I'd love to know your other favorites.