Thank you, Moscode

It's hardly news to see Moscode’s 401HR 200Wpc hybrid amplifier ($4995, factory-direct price until January 1) heaped with praise. But let me tell you, after walking in and out of countless rooms powered by single-ended triode amplification that got some things right while they pretended others simply didn’t exist, encountering Moscode’s full-range sound was tantamount to setting foot on terra firma. Mated with Joseph Audio RM33LE speakers ($10,500/pair) and Cardas Golden Reference cabling, the configuration had me smiling. Three cheers to the show attendee who played the song about pay phones by the Hunger Mountain Boys.

Al Marcy's picture

Getting anything right is simply an illusion :) Perhaps pretense is not the crime you fear ...

Jason Victor Serinus's picture

Thank you for this, Al. We must talk metaphysics sometime :-). What I had hoped to imply, albeit imperfectly, is that music performed in a good live acoustic (as opposed to many of the dry and near dead spaces that pass for acceptable concert venues) has limitless high extension and deep bass. I don't fear a gorgeous midrange, but when it sits there, all by itself, and asks for acceptance as the whole enchillada, I prefer to sup elsewhere.