Audio Kinesis

Rapidly approaching the staggering state observed among inveterate show attendees on Friday evening, I stumbled upon the debut of Duke Lejeune’s $4000/pair Jazz Modules. Note that the speakers were not intended specifically for jazz; the name came to Duke in a dream as he was preparing to graduate from amateur speaker builder to fledgling audiophile professional. With a claimed sensitvity of 92dB, the speakers extend from the upper 30s to about 17.5kHz. Port tuning is changeable according to listening position. Even with only two days of break-in—the woofers require several hundred hours to sound their best, Duke told me—the speakers threw a huge soundstage, and sounded remarkably full, warm and luscious in the midrange, I felt.

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Another fine room and another fine fellow. Hey, he likes Jethro Tull. How can you not love the guy!!! His speakers were truly remarkable sounding when paired with the Atma=Sphere amps.

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Wow ! Duke Lejeune building a speaker ! I am so excited to hear this. Duke, you're one of my all-time favorite good guys and one of the most knowledgeable high end guys on the planet. I've read your writing for years and have always been amazed at the depth,eloquence and clarity of your explanations. I'll bet you've built a wonderful speaker. Are you going to CES or any of the consumer shows ? - John L