The Cable Company's Summer Against Hunger Campaign Returns

For 14 years, The Cable Company has been running its annual Summer Against Hunger campaign to raise money for those in need. As was the case last year, The Cable Company says they "are again able to guaranty that 100% of purchases of sponsored products in August will benefit CARE!"

When you purchase products from one of the participating sponsors during August, The Cable Company, it's sponsoring vendors, and other CARE donors will send an amount equal to your purchase to CARE. If you purchase non-sponsoring vendor products from The Cable Company (and and an amount equal to half of your purchase goes to CARE.

According to The Cable Company's Robert Stein, "this has come about through the participation of an anonymous audiophile donor, who is providing a match against total Cable Co. + vendor contributions, and also underwriting the collection of additional matching funds from other CARE donors."

Last year the contributions from The Cable Company, and its vendors, customers, and the anonymous donation totaled $38,762.34. In 2008 CARE was able to identify 20:1 matching funds yielding total program donations of $814,009.14.

"That means last year we did a lot better than the dollar for dollar guaranteed contribution," says Stein. "For every one dollar our customers spent on our sponsoring vendors' products last August, $4.20 was donated to CARE! For all other products, even used products, a dollar spent on product yielded $2.10 for CARE. That's leverage put to good use!"

Here's the math: The Cable Company donates 5% of each purchase to CARE. This amount is matched by participating vendors for sales of their products. This year, for the first time, an anonymous donor will match this combined contribution from The Cable Company and it's participating vendors. When this total amount is donated to a CARE project, CARE will try to secure other donations up to the entire amount of Cable Company purchases. But if other donors cannot be found, our anonymous donor has agreed to contribute to CARE the entire remainder amount of Cable Company purchases up to $250,000.

Stein notes that "In addition to CARE's important work described on, it is also an efficient organization. More than 90% of CARE's expended resources - among the highest of all philanthropic organizations - support its poverty-fighting projects around the world. Less than 10% of their resources go toward administrative and fundraising costs. In addition every $1 that CARE receives in private support in turn helps to secure an additional $4 in donated supplies, government grants, and other monies from international, institutional donors."

All purchases in August from The Cable Company of new products from the following audio brands will yield equal contributions to CARE subject to the "Here's the math" section above.

Acme Audio Labs
Acoustic Zen
Analysis Plus
Audio Desk Systeme
Audio Magic
Aural Symphonics
Cable Research Lab
Cathedral Sound Acoustics
Chang Lightspeed
Chord Cables
DH Labs
Digistrobo/ HiFi4Music
Europroducts Marketing/ Eichmann ETI
Elrod Power Systems
Essential Sound Products
Fadel Art Technology
First Impression Music
Gingko Audio
Harmonic Resolution Systems
Harmonic Technology
Herbie's Audio Lab
Immedia/ Lyra/ Finite Elemente, Lehmann
JPS Labs
Kimber Kable
Lotus Group/ Acoustic Revive/ Acrolink/ Oyaide
Magnan Cable
Marigo Audio
May Audio
Nirvana Audio
Nitty Gritty
Nordost Corporation
PS Audio
Purist Audio Design
Quest America/ Nanotec
Shakti Innovations
Shun Mook
Siltech/Living Large Audio
Shun Mook Acoustics
Shunyata Research
Stereolab / Stereovox
Straight Wire
The Sound Organisation
Symposium Acoustics
Synergistic Research
WireWorld Cable Technology

We also welcome these additional Sponsors:
Balanced Audio Technology
Reference 3a
Merlin Music Systems
Rogue Audio
Sakura Systems: Miyabi-47 Labs
Veloce Audio
Wavelength Audio