Summer Against Hunger

As it has for the last 12 years, The Cable Company, along with many of its vendors, is dedicating August to help some of "the poorest people in the most ravaged regions of the world."

Each year CARE helps The Cable Company line up an additional matching grant of at least 5:1 (and as much as 10:1 in the past) from a large donor for its total contributions. When The Cable Company contributes 5% of a sale (all sales) in August, and this is matched by one of the participating vendors, this 10% total donation also receives another five times this amount in matching funds.

The Cable Co's Robert Stein explains the math: "The Cable Company donates 5% of each purchase to CARE. This amount is matched by participating vendors for sales of their products. This year, for the first time, an anonymous donor will match this combined contribution from The Cable Company and its participating vendors. When this total amount is donated to a CARE project, CARE will try to secure other donations up to the entire amount of Cable Company purchases. But if other donors cannot be found, our anonymous donor has agreed to contribute to CARE the entire remainder amount of Cable Company purchases up to $250,000."

For purchases in which there is no matching vendor sponsor—and for all purchases from—there will be no vendor-matched contribution, Stein explained, "But all of the other matching funds will apply."

Why support CARE? "Because, in addition to the fine work the agency does (, it is an efficient organization—more than 90% of CARE's expended resources support its poverty-fighting projects all over the world. Less than 10% of its resources go to administration or fund-rasing. Even better, for every $1 that CARE receives in private support in turn helps to seure $4 in donated supplies, government grants, and other monies from international institutional donors."

To learn more about the Summer Against Hunger campaign, go to The Cable Company or call toll-free at 800-FATWYRE (328-9973).

Participating vendors

The Cable Co
Acme Audio Labs
Acoustic Receive
Acoustic Zen Technologies
Analysis Plus
Analysis Plus
Audio Desk Systeme
Aural Symphonics-Univocal
Cable Towers by Dedicated Audio
Cathedral Sound Acoustic Panels
Chord Cables
Composite Products
Dream State Audio
Echo Busters
Elrod Power Systems
Essential Sound Products
Elrod Power Systems, Inc.
First Impressions Music
Grado Laboratories
Harmonic Resolution Systems
Harmonic Technology
Herbie's Audio Lab
HiFi4Music Digistrobo
Immedia/Lyra/Finite Elemente
Kimber Kable
Lotus Group
Magnan Cable
Marigo Audio
Nirvana Cable
Nitty Gritty
Nordost Corporation
Pear Audio
PS Audio
Purist Audio Design
Shakti Innovations
Sound Mechanics
StraightWire, Inc.
Symposium Acoustics
Synergistic Research
Target Racks
Xtreme Cables & Xtreme AV

The following component vendors have come on board for 2008:

Reference 3A

Rogue Audio