Rosen Bach Cello Suites Available Again is an Internet retailer of classical media (CDs, SACDs, and DVDs), including its own licensed CD reissues of out-of-print classical titles from labels major, minor, and micro. ArkivCDs are bit-for-bit copies of the original masters, burned on demand to CD-R and shipped to the customer with on-demand printed booklets and liner notes, as Wes Phillips wrote in December 2006. has recently added to its ArkivCD program the critically acclaimed 2-CD set of Nathaniel Rosen's J.S. Bach solo cello Suites from John Marks Records. That set was Stereophile's "Recording of the Month" for November 1994.

Rosen's JMR Bach Suites racked up critical raves perhaps unmatched among boutique audiophile releases, with critics from both American Record Guide and The Los Angeles Times comparing Rosen's set favorably with the legendary Pablo Casals recordings. Wrote the New York Times: "Mr. Rosen's interpretations are daring and free-spirited, an approach that is evident nearly from the start. [T]here is something persuasive about the broad strokes in which he paints."

The original JMR 2-CD sets have become collector's items, with net asking prices for used copies ranging from $100 to $200.

Arkivmusic's Rosen Bach Suites release is available here.