Attention Screen CD Release Party

To celebrate the release of jazz group Attention Screen's new Stereophile CD, Live at Otto's Shrunken Head, we are having a release party at New York's Otto's Shrunken Head Tiki Bar next Thursday from 7pm to 9pm. All are invited, admission is free, Attention Screen will be playing two sets, and the first 50 to arrive will get a free CD!

Otto's Shrunken Head is located at 538 E. 14th Street, Manhattan, between Avenues A and B.

If you've been to Otto's, you're probably wondering how 50 people will fit in the club—well, including both table seating and standing room there is plenty of room! Of course, if any of the riff raff with the nose studs who are banging back bottles of PBR in the front bar while listening to Slayer wander back into the concert area, they do not get a free CD.

Attention Screen is: Don Fiorino (guitar, 11-string guitar, lap steel, glissentar, mandolin), Bob Reina (piano), Chris Jones (fretless bass guitar), and Mark Flynn (drums). John Atkinson will be recording the show for a possible future hi-rez release and won't be editing out the heckling, so immortalize yourself!

Come on down, celebrate with one of Otto's famous cocktails, and claim your free CD!

And if you can't make it, both of Attention's Screen's Stereophile CDs, Live at Otto's and Live at Merkin Hall, are available as bargain price twofer for $18 (plus S&H).

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