Ultralink's Don Bouchard Injured in Motorcycle Accident

We received word December 21 that Ultralink/XLO Products executive vice-president Don Bouchard was injured in a "serious motorcycle accident in Texas." Bouchard is currently recovering in a Houston hospital, surrounded by his family, close friends, and business associates. Knowing Don, we're sure that's a packed hospital room.

Bouchard has been involved in the high-end audio business since 1972, having worked with Ohm Acoustics, Dahlquist, Acoustic Research, Red Rose Music, Denon, and Cello with Mark Levinson. However, his passions weren't focused solely on hi-fi—he's a professional photographer, avid diver, and enthusiastic motorcyclist. In a series of articles for The Robb Report, Bouchard detailed his epic rides through some of the most beautiful scenery on earth (such as Monument Valley photo essay).

We wish Don a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him at CES 2009.

Best wishes can be sent to Don and his family through Jim Noyd of Noyd Communications, Inc. (310-374-8100 or jim.noyd@noydcom.com) or Allen Sung, president of Ultralink/XLO Products, Inc. (905-479-2831 or allen@ultralinkproducts.com).