Industry Update: Immedia Distributes Lehmann; Audio-Technica Introduces Ripping Turntable

Lehmann Audio: Immedia, the Berkeley, CA–based distributor of Lyra cartridges, Finite Element stands, Sonics by Joachim Gerhard loudspeakers, and Spiral Groove turntables, has become Lehmann Audio's US distributor.

Norbert Lehmann's Black Cube phono section was introduced in 1995 and it became an audiophile favorite throughout the world. However, Lehmann has lacked US distribution since 2000. Lehmann Audio's six components now include a headphone amp and a power amplifier.

Immedia's Allen Perkins said, "We felt that the addition of Lehmann Audio was a perfect choice to expand our analog offerings, representing intelligent design and price...while pursuing a sonic presentation that fits our philosophy and tastes."

But that's not all, Perkins said. "More developments will follow in 2008."

Audio-Technica: Audio-Technica has announced the $229 AT-LP2D-USB LP-to-digital recording system, which will be displayed at CES2008.

The AT-LP2D-USB includes a cartridge, the turntable, PC- and Mac-compatible software, a USB cable that connects the turntable directly to a computer, and "other accessories" including, we presume, a phono section.

AT is supplying Cakewalk PYRO (for PC) and Audacity (for Mac and PC) to convert the analog signal to MP3, WAV, or WMA files. PYRO also features DeClicker and DeNoise utilities that "automatically remove pops, clicks, noise, and hiss from LP recordings."

We look forward to seeing the AT-LP2D-USB in action at CES because so far, we have been extremely disappointed in all of the USB turntables we've examined. The worst have been frustrating to the point of uselessness, while the best have simply been disappointing. If AT's software is actually intuitive and useful, we'll be the first to tell you so—but seeing, at this point, will be believing.