New AV Marketplace

This month, Stereophile brings you the Internet's largest community of qualified audio and video buyers and sellers, powered by industry leader Audiogon. Visitors to will find a new "AV Marketplace" link that connects directly to the most robust venue for buying and selling used and new audio and video equipment on the Web. Services also include an online Bluebook for quick evaluation of used equipment prices, online used equipment forums, member product reviews, information on manufacturers, and a member feedback system.

Unlike eBay, the Stereophile Marketplace only lists equipment relevant to audio and video enthusiasts. All equipment is sorted into easy-to-use categories for quick browsing or searching for that specific piece of elusive gear. Dozens of AV dealers from Audio Advisor to Z-Squared Audio also showcase their used equipment, closeouts, and special bargains.

Whether you plan to browse for a bargain or sell something to make room for more gear, the Stereophile Marketplace powered by Audiogon is the best place to start online.