Zektor to the Rescue

One of the most common complaints about multichannel audio has nothing to do with sound quality. It's the lack of multichannel switching on most preamps and receivers that irks most audiophiles.

On July 15, Zektor, LLC stepped into the breach with the introduction of its new three-input multichannel audio switch, the MAS3, for use with Super Audio CD (SACD), DVD-Audio, and multichannel PC audio sources. "The MAS3 will enable owners of multiple disc players to enjoy both formats with the convenience of IR remote control and high bandwidth switching," states a company press release.

The Poway, CA–based company claims zero signal loss and zero distortion added, thanks to the use of dry contact relays, which allow the signal to pass through the switch unaltered, for a flat frequency response without added noise. The MAS3's design roots are in Zektor's HDS4 component video switch, but the audio switch features a "completely new look," with a brushed aluminum front control panel.

"We set out to make a no-compromise audio switch, specifically for the multichannel audio crowd, and we are very pleased with the result," said Bill Paul, co-founder of Zektor, LLC. "The new style of the switch will complement any mid- to high-end audio system." The MAS3 also has an expansion slot that accommodates RS-232, but could be used for "other communications options in the future," Paul stated.

The MAS3 should be available in late August 2003.