Added to the Archives

"You'd be hard-pressed to find a company more protective of its reputation than Krell," says Wes Phillips, as he heads off to evaluate the Krell KAV-300cd CD player. WP ponders whether that reputation is still intact as the company tries to save its customers some money.

Michael Fremer finds that products like the Aerial Acoustics Model 8 loudspeaker prove it takes more than "a garage, a router, and a band saw" to become a great speaker company. MF provides all the details, along with added analysis from Thomas J. Norton.

Is John Curl a "design genius"? So declares J. Gordon Holt in his 1988 review of the Vendetta Research SCP-2 phono preamplifier. Holt listens carefully to Curl's late-'80s creation before rendering his verdict. Also included, comments, comparisons, and measurements (some previously unpublished) from John Atkinson, Thomas J. Norton, and Robert Harley.

What do Rachmaninoff, Ripping, & the RIAA have to do with each other? More than meets the ear, as John Atkinson points out in his "As We See It" essay from the current August issue of Stereophile.

Robert Deutsch says, "Time sure flies when you're having fun." Which is what he was having when he provided readers with an Avantgarde Series 3.0 Uno Followup for this month's issue. RD comments, "I've heard some exceedingly fine-sounding speakers in the past two years, but nothing that would make me think seriously about getting rid of the Unos."

Finally, the latest installment in our "Recording of the Month" series for the online archives: Recording of September 1997, Steve Reich: Works 1965-1995. Dan Buckley explains how this retrospective proves that Reich's career is "no stuck record."