2002 "Recommended Components"

The release of our 2001 Recommended Components online last month was such a success, we now offer readers the opportunity to buy the 2002 "Recommended Components" from both the April and October issues as .pdf files.

Folks seeking "Recommended Components" issues often find them out of stock at the newsstand or missing from our available back issues list. For example, the April 2002 RC issue has been sold out for months.

As a result, just as we did for 2001, we've put together a year's worth of the 2002 RC features in a single bundle for sale via our secure e-commerce pages. Every scrap of text and rating that was in the original RC features is included. And because they have been formatted as .pdf files, we've been able to add indexing and search capabilities, making these virtual copies even more convenient than the "real" thing.

Click here to pick up either one or both of the 2001 and 2002 "Recommended Components" features.