Royal Academy Honors Dolby

Dolby Laboratories founder and chairman Ray Dolby has been formally inducted into Britain's Royal Academy of Engineering.

Dolby accepted his fellowship at a ceremony in London on Monday, November 15, approximately six months after an induction into the US National Inventors Hall of Fame in Akron, Ohio. At the London event were the Duke of Kent and Lord Broers, president of the Royal Academy. Dolby was one of 37 new fellows elected to the society this year.

"We invited Ray Dolby to become an honorary member of the Royal Academy of Engineering in recognition of both the invention of his ground-breaking noise-reduction system, and also for his work in developing technologies that have become audio standards for the audio-visual industry," said Lord Broers. "We are proud to have the founder of this international company join some of Britain's brightest minds among the UK's engineering elite."

Dolby's development of noise-reduction technologies raised the high-fidelity potential for recording and playback, beginning in the late 1960s. The company is a major force in the recording industry today, informing every aspect of the music and broadcasting fields.

Dolby Labs originated in the UK before moving its headquarters to San Francisco.