Audiophile Delights

Audiophiles tend to be a fussy lot. But there are always a few sure-fire items that will put a smile on their faces without breaking the bank. We've got dozens of great ideas, guaranteed to suit every taste, available online (links are below) from our secure Web pages.

Stereophile's editor, John Atkinson, is a busy man. In addition to carefully shaping each issue of our beloved magazine, he tries to create at least one reference quality recording each year. Last year saw the release of the much heralded, ground-breaking 10-CD box set of Beethoven Complete Piano Sonatas with Robert Silverman. JA's latest triumph, Cantus, a disc of choral music featuring traditional material from around the world arranged for unaccompanied male voice, is now available. The complete story of how this amazing new CD came to be is now online.

Other hot sellers, all found for sale on our Recordings page, include Bravo!, featuring famed violinist Pinchas Zukerman and the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival Artists, and Stereophile's first jazz CD, Rendezvous, spotlighting noted jazz guitarist and bassist Jerome Harris backed by a virtuoso band. We have over a dozen music titles to choose from, covering a wide variety of composers and performers—every one engineered to make an audio system shine.

If you're not sure what type of music to get, the best choice may be one or all of Stereophile's three test CDs, also available on the Recordings page, and priced below $10 each. This could be the most important item an audiophile receives all year!

If your audiophile friend or family member isn't signed up already, now is the perfect time to get that Stereophile subscription started. Fill out the online order form and get the first two issues delivered free! Back issues reaching all the way into the 1970s are also available online, with our famous "every back issue currently available" package ready to go, in addition to individual listings.

And last, but surely not least, we have the finest in audiophile apparel, the legendary Stereophile T-shirt. Available in three stylish colors, this cotton T is a simple statement of sonic intent sure to attract like-minded souls wherever it's seen. Also available on the Cool Stuff page: the trendy Stereophile cap and our CD carrying case.