Surroundamouche, Surroundamouche

DVD-Audio and SACD are offering record companies a chance to re-release their back-catalogs of "classic" material once again. But the results will not necessarily resemble the CD re-releases of the last two decades. Artists, producers, and labels now have an opportunity to go beyond the standard "re-mastered for (insert new format here)" process when updating an older title for DVD-Audio or SACD. For better or worse, they can entirely remix the master tapes for multi-channel surround sound.

DTS says it is doing just that for its re-release of Queen's 1975 classic A Night At The Opera as a 5.1 DVD-Audio disc. The DVD-A version was produced under license from Hollywood Records and is expected to go on sale November 20 with a suggested retail price of $24.97.

The company reports that its 5.1 remix of the album was created by Elliot Scheiner and the record's original producer, Roy Thomas Baker. DTS adds that the "feature-loaded" DVD-Audio disc will offer an "advanced resolution" MLP soundtrack in both 5.1 surround and stereo, a 96/24 DTS 5.1 soundtrack, and a newly remastered PCM stereo track.

DTS' David DelGrosso comments, "The 5.1 surround experience has already dramatically enhanced millions of home theater living rooms. This 5.1 music re-mix will now help to transform the record industry in a similar fashion, as Freddie Mercury's explosive compositions come to life like never before. Once 'Bohemian Rhapsody' is experienced through a 5.1 home or mobile sound system, the appreciation [of] and demand for surround music will swiftly fuel the new DVD-Audio format to new heights."