JPS Labs' New AC Cable

Many audiophiles agree that dedicated AC circuits can make notable improvements in the performance of hi-fi equipment. If you are planning to run a dedicated AC line, JPS Labs has a product for you.

The Depew, NY–based technology company has announced a UL-approved audiophile-grade AC cable for use within walls. The Power AC In-Wall is a flexible 10-gauge cable with very low capacitance and inductance, and is designed for maximum noise rejection thanks to a construction technique called Optimized Field Matrix (OFM).

The Power AC In-Wall AC cable is based on JPS Labs' high-current cable, the 8 AWG Power AC, but has smaller conductors to fit standard AC outlets. The sonic benefits of the cable are said to be significant, especially when it is used in conjunction with other JPS products such as the Power AC or Digital AC power cords. The combination is said to eliminate the need for further noise filtering.

For the best sound or picture from home entertainment equipment, AC supplies must be as noise-free as possible without interfering with current flow. JPS Labs says the Power AC In-Wall achieves this goal at a reasonable price: $18/ft. Its flexible construction makes for easy routing through walls, according to the manufacturer. The company claims that 90' of the cable will cost less than many stand-alone power conditioners—without the current limitations. The Power AC In-Wall is spec'ed at 600V/30A. JPS Labs can be contacted by email, telephone—(716) 656-0810—or fax—(716) 656-0811.