Can We All Get Along?

Last week, Cirrus Logic unveiled what it is calling the world's highest-performance six- and eight-channel D/A converters, which the company says will give consumers the ability to decode high-resolution multichannel surround content at home or in the car. The converters are the latest addition to Cirrus Logic's Total-E platform group of products.

Cirrus says the CS4362 and CS4382 support both high-resolution audio formats, DVD-Audio (up to 192kHz sample rates) and Super Audio CD (Direct Stream Digital or DSD), making them the "ideal solutions for multichannel audio products such as DVD players, audio/video receivers, Super Audio CD players, digital mixing consoles, multitrack digital recorders, outboard converters, effects processors, and automotive audio systems."

To support their high performance claims, Cirrus says that the new converters sport dynamic range figures of 114dB with 0.0009% distortion in all channels; the price to manufacturers is in the $5 to $7 per chip range in quantities of 10,000 or more.

Cirrus' Lew Paceley says, "The low cost of these converters allows manufacturers to offer studio-quality sound performance at price points attractive to consumers. End users can now enjoy high-impact, high-realism sound in the comfort of their living rooms with audio/video products that are equipped with these converters." The company adds that the converters are "highly integrated devices that reduce system costs for manufacturers by minimizing the external electrical components required and saving valuable board space."