Charity Auction Prize: Private Delmoni Concert

Record producer and Stereophile contributor John Marks has informed us that classical violinist Arturo Delmoni has agreed to throw his considerable talent behind the Audio Charity Auction, organized in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attack that destroyed the World Trade Center and killed more than 6000 people.

Delmoni will perform at the home of the winning bidder. The auction has been added to features on the charity site. Proceeds will go to the NYC Uniformed Firefighter's Association Widows' and Orphans' Fund; travel and expenses for Delmoni are not included in the prize. "People from anywhere can bid as long as they understand that in addition to the winning bid amount to be paid to the charity, they also have to prepay travel and lodging for Mr. Delmoni," Marks elaborated in an email.

As of Sunday afternoon September 23, auction pledges totaled $88,000. "Pretty good," Marks said, "but that's barely state college tuition for one kid. Let's see audiophiles put their money where their mouths have been—about music in the home."