Chesky Debuts Multichannel SACDs

The number of two-channel Super Audio Compact Discs seems to grow by the week. There are now several hundred titles to choose from—and hundreds on the way, with the recent endorsement of the format by major record labels. Even so, there are still very few SACDs that exploit the multichannel capabilities of Direct Stream Digital.

Chesky Records hopes to change that. The audiophile label has announced four new SACDs recorded in multichannel surround sound. They are Bucky Pizzarelli's Swing Live, David Johansen's David Johansen and the Harry Smiths, Christy Baron's Steppin', and Chuck Mangione's Everything For Love.

Each of the new discs contains the same material in three different formats: standard two-channel stereo CD, two-channel DSD, and multichannel surround sound DSD. Chesky now has a total of 9 SACD titles available, with more to come, including Jazz Descargas by the Conga Kings and Blue Bossa by Ana Caram. All the company's SACD titles are hybrid layered and can be played on any standard CD player.

Chesky SACDs carry a suggested retail price of $24.98, and can be purchased at most high-end audio shops and music stores, or directly through the Chesky website.