An Internet Source for Serious Music

There is an overwhelming amount of pop music available on the Internet, but where does the serious music fan go in search of jazz, classical, or opera?

London-based GMN Arts Network hopes to provide the answer. The music website has announced four new services that may fill some empty niches on the Net. The services—"Classical Premium," "Live Collection," "Showcase," and "Artists Directory"—will expand the 2½-year-old company's offerings and potentially create additional revenue streams, according to a September 6 announcement.

The new services include "GMN Classical Premium," a classical music subscription service with high-speed streaming, new release information, downloads, and recommendations. Classical Premium will also offer subscribers a choice of monthly CDs, included in the subscription fee. "GMN Jazz Premium," a similar service for jazz fans, will follow soon. ("GMN Live Collection" will offer 12 exclusive live recordings each month, burned onto CD for GMN subscribers.) "The first batch released includes the Beethoven Piano Sonata series performed by Peter Donohoe, and Dohnányi conducting the Philharmonia in Brahms' Requiem," the GMN announcement stated.

"GMN Showcase," a service with a different emphasis, will include audio and video samples supporting "venues and performing arts companies." The "low-cost" Showcase will help performance venues publicize their events through the use of links and media support. The "GMN Artists Directory" will be a directory service providing free promotional listings for all performing artists, with a range of options including web pages and links to recordings. The new services are a logical extension of GMN's initial vision, according to founder and artistic director David Atherton. "GMN has built up valuable assets over its three-plus years of existence. Our extensive archive of valuable, exclusive, audio, and video recordings, and our highly commended streaming expertise and technology are just a few of these."

In May of this year, the London Times described GMN as one of the top five music sites that "the world should envy." GMN has more than 200,000 registered visitors, a number that has doubled in the past year.