Hales Drivers Available at Madisound

We have received an update from loudspeaker designer Paul Hales on the availability of replacement parts for Hales loudspeakers. In a previous interview, he had mentioned the availability of cabinet and crossover parts for his namesake products. Some of that information was in error, due to circumstances beyond his control, he explained in a recent email:

Wadia's landlord in Huntington Beach prevented us from retrieving parts from the building: therefore, there are no cabinet or crossover components available. However, Madisound, a loudspeaker distributor in Madison, WI, is stocking replacement drivers for Revelation and Transcendence Series products, including the custom drivers. They can be contacted at madisound.com or by telephone at 608-831-3433.

We get a lot of calls from Hales owners seeking help and nearly all of them read Stereophile. I would appreciate any assistance you could provide me to get this information to them.

Hales is now head of loudspeaker research and development for pro audio manufacturer QSC Audio, Inc. He can be reached at QSC Audio Products Incorporated, 1675 MacArthur Blvd. Costa Mesa, California 92626 Phone: (800) 854-4079; (714) 754-6175. Fax: (714) 754-6174. Or email.