Jim Morrison Breaks on Through to Toyland

It may be true that baby-boomers yearn to relive their childhoods, but how many aging wanted-to-be rock stars and music lovers still like to play with dolls? McFarlane Toys, which made its mark creating and marketing Spawn merchandise, is hoping quite a few.

Despite being not long for this mortal coil, Jim Morrison's tenure with The Doors established him as one of rock'n'roll's pre-eminent, if controversial, frontmen. He died in France 30 years ago this month, and to commemorate the occasion, McFarlane says that "the Lizard King will forever live on" with the Jim Morrison "action figure."

The toy company says that the Morrison figure stands approximately 6" tall and includes microphone, mic stand, and custom base with The Doors' logo backdrop. It features Morrison in a classic concert pose: eyes closed, mic in hand, wearing his signature leather pants. McFarlane adds that the reborn Morrison will be released in September.

This is the latest music-related figure to be released by McFarlane Toys in conjunction with celebrity licensing company Signatures Network. Morrison joins a growing collection of plastic rock'n'roll Mini-Mes which now include Kiss, The Beatles in Yellow Submarine drag, Alice Cooper, and Ozzy Osbourne. McFarlane says it also has plans to immortalize music figures such as Rob Zombie, Janis Joplin, Jerry Garcia (out this month), plus Metallica and AC/DC's Angus Young.

Danny Sugerman, Doors biographer and currently manager of the remaining band members, adds that "personally I've been a fan of Todd [McFarlane's] for a long time, Spawn is pure genius. We feel fortunate to have had his hands and eyes on this figure."