Musical Fidelity Heading for Dealer Shelves

Will audio dealers be interested in selling a product that's been available so far only via mail-order? Audio Advisor thinks so, and has created a new distribution company, WS Distributing, to begin selling the Musical Fidelity product line through "qualified" high-end audio dealers in the USA beginning May 21. Musical Fidelity has been available through retailers in Europe and Asia for years, but in the US, only from AA's catalog and website sales.

AA's Wayne Schuurman explains that "during our last four years distributing Musical Fidelity, we've received numerous requests from dealers to sell Musical Fidelity products. Over the years, we've also had many inquiries from consumers asking where they can hear Musical Fidelity products. WS Distributing addresses these requests by offering Musical Fidelity products for sale through qualified high-end audio specialty dealers."

Designed and manufactured in England, several Musical Fidelity components have been favorably reviewed by Stereophile, including the A3CR choke-regulated power amplifier, the Nu-Vista 300 power amp, and the M3 integrated amp, which all earned Class A "Recommended Component" listings in the April 2001 issue.