HE 2001: "Analog Ballroom" Will Feature Display and Auction

Analog playback equipment, the high art of 20th century audio, will be the theme of the "Analog Ballroom" in the Regent Parlor on the 2nd Floor of the New York Hilton during Home Entertainment 2001.

Show-goers will have the opportunity to see exquisite examples of equipment from European, Japanese, and American manufacturers, including Aesthetix, Avid, Basis, Koetsu, Musical Surroundings, Rega, Transfiguration, and others—many of the analog world's elite, all in one room. The display will celebrate more than 50 years of refinements in turntable, tonearm, and cartridge designs.

Expected to be among the show's biggest attractions, the Analog Ballroom will also feature a silent auction, where attendees will get the chance to take home products on display, including a Benz phono cartridge, an ABCD-1 cartridge demagnetizer, and an Io Mk.II phono stage from Aesthetix; a Basis 2001/RB300 turntable with clamp; a Koetsu Urushi phono cartridge; a Musical Surroundings Phonomena phono stage with battery power supply; Temper Supreme and Spirit 2 phono cartridges from Transfiguration; and a Winds stylus pressure gauge. Not an audio product, but definitely analog, a Benz titanium watch will also be among the auctioned goodies.

Analog fans will not only have an unprecedented opportunity to see these products and meet their designers, they will also be able to speak one-on-one with audio gurus Michael Fremer and Jonathan Scull. The two will be on hand in the Analog Ballroom to discuss the field's fine points—Fremer at 4pm on Friday, May 11, and Scull at the same time on Saturday, May 12th.