Cello Ltd. Veterans Form New Company

Now there are three—Cello spinoffs, that is. More than two years ago, prior to Cello Technologies' ill-fated expansion, company founder Mark Levinson departed to create Red Rose Music. Late in 2000, former vice president of business development Jim McCullough formed Matthew James LLC, which will make and market a new generation of Cello electronics. In early April, Viola Audio Labs announced its debut.

Operating from the old A.C. Gilbert Building at 315 Peck Street in New Haven, CT (the former site of Cello, Ltd., and also the home of Matthew James LLC), Viola Audio Labs is a new venture by Cello engineers Tom Colangelo and Paul Jayson. Cello, Ltd.'s former executive Anthony Di Salvo is also a principal in the company, which later this year will introduce a "super power amp, reference preamplifier, and reference speaker system," according to an official announcement.

By May 1, Viola Audio Labs plans to have available upgrade modules for the Cello Suite preamp, including inverting and non-inverting outputs and a new phono stage. Replacement of the non-inverting main out will produce "the most significant improvement," according to Viola's Adriano Wing. The company will also be providing maintenance and repair services for all out-of-warranty Cello products, Wing stated.

Viola Audio Labs has received Mark Levinson's personal endorsement, Wing mentioned, and plans to continue Cello's tradition of excellent sound. The telephone number for the new company is (203) 772-0435; the fax number is (203) 772-0569. Email inquires should be sent to Tony Di Salvo.