Tice Audio Seeking Acquisition Partners

A recent email soliciting acquisition partners has given rise to a rumor that George Tice is leaving audio. "Far from it," said the AC power-conditioning pioneer from his Jupiter, FL office. "I want to accomplish three things: move this company to the next level; devote more of my energy to research and engineering; and spend more time with my family." These goals are going to require a well-organized team effort, he insists.

Tice Audio was the first company to build audiophile-grade AC power conditioners, back in 1985, opening up what was previously unknown territory. The Tice Power Block was the first device of its kind to win a Stereophile recommendation. Many companies have followed where Tice led, making powerline conditioners, or building them into their products. Tice Audio makes several different powerline conditioners for audio and video applications, as well as a line of high-quality audio cables. The company also has a proprietary material treatment technology, said to improve the signal transfer characteristics of conductive materials.

"The company has done very well," Tice said, and it enjoys a worldwide reputation for excellence, but its founder has wearied of day-to-day management duties. He would like to find acquisition partners with enthusiasm and marketing experience to carry Tice Audio and its technologies into the future. "I'd like to spend a year training someone to take over the company," Tice said. "What's important is the direction the company is going to take. I believe that our TPT technology has tremendous potential in the computer, medical, and aerospace industries, and the right management team could make big things happen."

Once the transition is complete, Tice intends to wind down a bit, spending his time in the engineering and design lab, which was always his first love. Getting there will require one last big push, he acknowledges, but with the right partners it should be a reachable goal. Interested parties can contact George Tice by email or by telephone at (561) 575-7577.