Billy Higgins Update

A few weeks ago, we ran an item concerning drummer Billy Higgins' declining health and rapidly growing medical expenses. Apparently, his fans have come through generously, because we just received the following:

"Dear Friends,
"We are writing tonight with an update on Billy Higgins. Your response has been wonderful, immediate, and healing. We are happy to report that, as of last week, Billy's home is out of foreclosure. This is a major milestone and was made possible by your unfailing generosity and through a grant from Music Cares, Sweet Relief and the Jazz Foundation. Currently, benefits have/are being organized in Atlanta (on 3/4, by Ron Simblist), Los Angeles (on 3/18, at the Musician's Union) and Oakland (3/20 at Yoshi's). All of this means that our goal of creating a fund to cover Billy's expenses for the next 10-12 months is well on the way to being realized.

"Over the past month, Billy has undergone numerous and extensive tests and evaluations. This continues and, hopefully, one day soon we will be able to confirm his name on the waiting list for his liver transplant. In the meantime, all of the love that has been reflected in your response to him has buoyed his spirits immensely. Please continue to hold him in your thoughts and prayers.

"If you forwarded the first message to a friend whose address we may not have, please forward this email, too.

"Dorothy Darr & Charles Lloyd
Rebecca Martin & Larry Grenadier"

If you wish to send a donation, all checks should be made out to BILLY HIGGINS and mailed to:

c/o Forest Farm Music + Art
P.O. Box 5816
Santa Barbara, CA 93150


c/o Grenadier/ Martin
P.O. Box 850
Marlboro, NY 12542