EgglestonWorks Will Debut Reference Loudspeaker at CES

Thirteen months after announcing its return to manufacturing, Memphis-based speaker maker EgglestonWorks is back in a big way, with plans to debut a "radical" and "visually provocative" reference loudspeaker at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

Two years in the designing, the $39,000/pair Savoy is the latest addition to the company's Reference line of speakers, originally developed in conjunction with Bob Ludwig's Gateway Mastering Studio in Portland, ME. EgglestonWorks' Ivy Reference, the result of Ludwig's desire for a world-class two-way loudspeaker, was the basis for the Savoy, according to company president Michael J. Sabre. The EgglestonWorks Andra was Stereophile "Product of the Year" for 1997.

"We are more excited about the Savoy than any product in our history," Sabre said, describing it as "the most advanced and well–thought-out speaker to wear the EgglestonWorks badge." The Savoy—measuring 5' tall, 24" deep, and only 15" wide—incorporates many advanced engineering techniques, according to Sabre. The new speaker's internal technology was developed by Albert Von Schweikert, a designer with more than two decades of engineering and design experience. Von Schweikert is now head of EgglestonWorks' New Product Development Team.

CES will mark the Savoy's international debut, but distributors, dealers, and reviewers are already requesting samples, according to EgglestonWorks' director of sales and marketing, James H. Thompson. "Audiophiles worldwide are anxious to see and hear the latest creation from EgglestonWorks," said Thompson, adding that private demonstrations can be scheduled by contacting him via email or by telephone at (901) 525-1100. Thompson expects production units to begin shipping by March 1.