Aaron Neville Reveals His Devotion to DVD-Audio

Following on the heels of its announcement last week of the first commercially available DVD-Audio disc (Swingin' for the Fences, by Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band), Silverline Records says that Aaron Neville will become the first major artist to release an album in the format. Silverline expects that, on October 24, Neville's solo album Devotion will be released on DVD-A. The disc will also include audio tracks compatible with standard DVD players.

Clearly pleased to be treading new ground, Neville says that he is "very honored and excited to have Devotion released as one of the first DVD-Audio discs. Surround sound is amazing—it's unlike anything you've ever heard before!" This is not Devotion's actual debut, however; the CD version of the album first appeared on retailers' shelves September 26.

In addition to Neville's 14 musical performances (including two "bonus" tracks), Silverline says that the DVD-A also contains in-depth interview footage with Neville at his home in New Orleans, interviews with friends and family, and a documentary of his performance at the Angola State Penitentiary. The label says that both the interview and documentary sections were produced especially for the DVD, as was the never-before-seen photo gallery of the Neville family and Aaron's comments on each of the album's songs.

Silverline's John Trickett says that "Devotion is a deeply spiritual album in which the magic of Aaron connects with people on a level that works even beyond the beauty of his voice. This is particularly so in the DVD format, where art becomes a direct experience as the listener is surrounded by wonder and immersed in Aaron's song, his life, and his message."