Buy Some Cables and Aid Relief Efforts

Want to do some audiophile shopping and do some good for others? The Cable Company, along with several manufacturers and audiophile publications, have set up a program by which they offer to donate up to 10% of August purchases to CARE and the International Rescue Committee, these contributions to be used to assist the worldwide disaster-relief efforts of those humanitarian organizations.

According to the company, in the four previous "Summer Against Hunger" efforts they have, with the help of underwriting manufacturers, raised a total of over $50,000 in contributions. The Cable Company describes the effort as a cooperative program that works because of the assistance of many individuals and companies. The Cable Company donates 5% of its total August sales, while underwriting manufacturers (the majority of The Cable Company's suppliers, as listed in their August ad) match this contribution from qualifying purchases of their products.

Current issues of audio enthusiast publications such as Stereophile (page 106), The Abso!ute Sound, The Audiophile Voice, and Ultimate Audio are featuring a full-page ad from the Cable Company (and, and are contributing their advertising support. The Cable Company reports that even the ad design and layout have been donated by their respective agencies.

Robert Stein, president of The Cable Company and, says that "I am extremely grateful for the support we get from the high-end industry. We all fight the good fight year-'round to keep our businesses strong and healthy. August, which used to grind by, is now our most satisfying month of the year. It makes us feel good about what we do. And our customers confirm that they, too, like the idea that, during the fundraiser, they can leverage their audio purchases in a unique way to generate charitable contributions."

Stein adds that "Our participation not only affects our attitudes, but in fact our efforts do make a real difference. On the ground, just ask an aid worker installing a sanitary water supply in a refugee camp if our dollars count. And CARE saves the lives of over 2500 severely dehydrated children every day with a simple salt, water, and sugar solution that costs pennies."