Apogee Users' Group Now Online

The demise of Apogee Acousitics three years ago was one of high-end audio's biggest losses. The company's ribbon loudspeakers were among the best-sounding and best-looking high-fidelity products ever made. What remained of Apogee was picked up by a/d/s/, which at the time made a commitment to supply parts and service for the thousands of speakers in use, but that plan appears to have been abandoned shortly after it was announced. Apogee owners have since had to fend for themselves.

Last year, we ran a notice of a New York–based Apogee users' group, begun by a fellow named Matt Carnicelli, which at that point was the only one of its kind. Now the situation is looking considerably brighter. Last week, we received a note from British audiophile Jon Oakey informing us of his new website, devoted to Apogee Acoustics products. Oakey's site is nicely laid out and easy to navigate, with pictures and information about many Apogee products. "This site is intended as a resource center for present and future owners of Apogee speakers," Oakey informed us, "with technical information, reviews, ways to upgrade the speakers, and a link to the hopefully soon-to-be-official repair company."

Oakey said he started the site "after various postings on the Apogee Acoustics users group forum at audioworld.com made me realize that even simple information on Apogee speakers can be very hard to find. People have been very helpful so far in filling in the blanks in my knowledge by supplying information on the speakers, pictures, reviews, and their personal experiences with the speakers."

Oakey encourages Apogee owners without Internet access to contact him at the following address:
Mr. J. Oakey
8 Dorrington Green
Great Barr
United Kingdom