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How many of you out there know what a Nuvistor is? Michael Fremer takes a look at this unique device and its application in the Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 300 power amplifier. "Enclosing its vacuum in metal rather than glass, the Nuvistor was designed as a long-lived, highly linear device with low heat, low microphony, and low noise—all of which it needed to have any hope of competing in the brave new solid-state world emerging when RCA introduced it in the 1960s." Musical Fidelity decided to use the Nuvistor in a limited-run amplifier, and therein lies an interesting tale, which Michael skillfully uncovers.

"It's a resonant universe. Deal with it. You think you're sitting still as you read these words? Take it from me, bubbie, you're vibratin' like crazy," rants Jonathan Scull in "Fine Tunes" #13. Read about what to do about all that shakin' going on, including some surprisingly cost-effective solutions.