John Marks starts free newsletter, John Marks Recommends

Record producer and critic John Marks, whose writing has appeared from time to time in Stereophile—his March "As We See It" triggered a deluge of letters—has started John Marks Recommends, a free e-mail newsletter on music and the arts. "Talking about my own work will be the exception rather than the rule," says Marks. "I tell people about great recordings, books, and videos, recipes, and an occasional wine recommendation."

Marks describes his newsletter, now ten issues old, as concise, text-only (no bulky HTML), family-friendly, and positive in tone. The first issues have included a feature on Boston's Symphony Hall, recommended CDs by Mary Black, Milladoiro, and John McLaughlin, an appreciation of Richard Rhodes' Dark Sun (an insightful examination of the Manhattan Project), and history and mystery books.

To subscribe, send "JMR" a blank e-mail. Click here to read back issues.