Von Schweikert Back from the Flood

As reported last March, loudspeaker manufacturer Von Schweikert Research closed its doors after a disastrous flood hit the factory (see previous report). Many thought this was the end of the story, but last week, Dr. Edward Gonzaga, of the Gonzaga Investment Group, announced the formation of a new version of the company, to be named Von Schweikert Audio.

The new company will reportedly again be headed by speaker designer Albert Von Schweikert, who has revealed plans for the release of two all-new speaker systems, the VR-5 and VR-7, to be shipped to consumers beginning January 15. In addition, the company says that service and updates will be offered for all former VSR speaker systems. (Information is available by e-mail at albertvonn@aol.com.)

To get back on track, Von Schweikert Audio says that it will debut the new VR-5 and VR-7 systems at T.H.E. Show, to be held at the St. Tropez Hotel in Las Vegas concurrent with CES in January 2000.