Burr-Brown Introduces 24-bit, 192kHz DAC

Last week, Burr-Brown Corporation announced the PCM1737, a 24-bit, 192kHz-sampling delta-sigma digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that the company says is designed for consumer audio applications. According to a press release, Burr-Brown states that "the PCM1737's excellent price and performance is specifically targeted toward consumer audio applications such as DVD/CD players, A/V receivers, HDTV systems, and car audio applications."

Mike Centorino, audio product marketing manager at Burr-Brown, explains that "the PCM1737 is our first 192kHz delta-sigma audio DAC. The price/performance of this device makes it ideal for new systems that will support the emerging 192kHz DVD-Audio standard." The company says that the device contains Burr-Brown's proprietary "Enhanced Multi-Level Delta-Sigma" modulator, which, they claim, improves audio dynamic performance and reduces jitter sensitivity. Special functions include digital attenuation, mute, and zero flag for each channel.

Burr-Brown claims that the device, which sells for less than $5 apiece in quantities of 1000, accepts 16- to 24-bit input data and can be used with a variety of audio clocks. It processes up to 24 bits internally and has single-ended analog outputs, "thus reducing the amount of external components required in the audio system."