Where the Heck Are Those New Machines?

DVD-Audio has been getting a lot of press and comments from consumers lately—as in "Where is it?" As we reported back in August, the first players from Panasonic were slated to appear last month (see previous story). But, as with all things worth waiting for, better late than never.

In an effort to clear the air about where the format is going, and in anticipation of the national launch of its DVD-Audio player line, last week Panasonic announced that it will host an educational forum on the Internet from 8 until 9pm EST, November 16, 1999. (The forum is linked here.) The company says the event is intended "to introduce audio enthusiasts across the country to this exciting new audio format."

Panasonic says that a panel of technical and marketing experts from Panasonic, Technics, Universal Music, and Warner Music will be available during the hour-long cybercast to respond to consumer questions on the technology, its benefits, and plans for DVD-Audio players and software.