Jeff Rowland Group's Demise a Hoax

The Jeff Rowland Design Group is alive and well and in no danger of going out of business. The company was the victim of hackers who recently broke into the company's website and posted a notice to the contrary.

On July 11, Rowland himself e-mailed Ultimate Audio publisher Myles Astor to straighten out the misinformation. Astor quickly alerted the high-end press of the problem.

The Rowland hoax is the latest in a series of such events that have plagued the high-end audio community. Stereophile equipment reports editor Jonathan Scull has been impersonated on the r.a.h-e discussion group, as has John Atkinson on r.a.o. Astor sagely suggests that we all pay closer attention to our sites' security.

REPEAT: The Jeff Rowland Design Group is not going out of business. A review by Shannon Dickson of their Coherence line preamplifier and Cadence phono preamplifier appears in the September issue of Stereophile.