Ever Wonder Who Else Did That Song?

Last week, CDDB announced a newly designed, more user-friendly website for its large database of audio CD information. The database resource now provides free information on more than 360,000 CDs, which the company describes as the world's largest online CD music database. There are over 40,000 entries in the classical CD database alone, with rock logging three times as many entries at 126,000. The database gains about 500 new entries every day. Users can search by artist, album, or song title, and then cross-reference titles to other artists or discs.

Ann E. Greenberg, CDDB senior vice president, stated that "the new website reflects the advanced level of technology that goes into the site and the dynamics of the CDDB database. We've greatly enhanced our commercial appeal to advertisers while remaining loyal to music fans. Access to the CDDB service remains 100% free to software developers and consumers."

In addition to the website, CDDB provides the Disc Recognition Service, which can identify audio CDs in a consumer's CD-ROM drive and then automatically provide related artist, album, and song information to certain music-player applications. CDDB-enabled music players can be downloaded from the website.