Stereophile Links Database Now Online

Every week we get an e-mail or two from online readers begging for a state-of-the-art set of searchable weblinks on the Stereophile website. Starting this week, your e-prayers have been answered. The Stereophile website now sports one of the Internet's most comprehensive set of qualified audio and video links---as of last count, they number more than 2500. The database is searchable in a variety of ways, and also groups similar categories.

About a year ago, Stereophile procured and began maintaining The Enthusiasts Page and its links database, originally developed by Ron Rathe. For the past several months we have been combing the list and updating it regularly, thanks to the assistance of Kip Troendle. Hundreds of thousands of audiophile web surfers have been using this resource (which was even championed in a recent issue of Audio magazine), and will find it pretty much as it was---if it works, don't fix it. All that will be changed is some page formatting to bring it into the Stereophile site, and the link will simply redirect seekers to the Stereophile links page.

Suggestions for improving the database are always welcome, and there is an automatic listing feature for those interested in signing up their sites. From anywhere on the website, you can go to the official Links To Die For page by clicking the button in the left menu, and be dropped into the swirl of link data. Feel free to contact me at with comments.