Added to the Archives This Week:

You think we've got format problems these days? Take a peek back to 1963, when J. Gordon Holt ripped apart the then-new record technology from RCA in "Down with Dynagroove". Next, Wes Phillips writes an ode to his own Mr. Holland in "A Passion for Music".

Lewis Lipnick explains how musicians can get caught between a rock and a hard place at the recording session in "The Musician in the Middle". Find out the mistake that recording engineers often make with french horns!

Ever been tempted to start your own audio store? Barry Willis, who's seen it all, offers his sage advice in "There's No Business Like the Hi-Fi Business". Hear about plumbing nightmares, and the true value of a service department.

And finally, John Atkinson sets out the parameters for writers who scribble for Stereophile in "Different Strokes". So just how does a writer go about getting his or her equipment reviews into your favorite magazine? The size of the writer's music collection may make a difference.