Now You See It, Now You Don't

The English flat-panel speaker company New Transducers Ltd., also known as NXT, recently announced a new transparent loudspeaker technology called SoundVu that the company says will enable television and computer screens to function simultaneously as loudspeakers.

Described as a complementary technology to the company's current Surface Sound speaker technology, SoundVu makes possible, claims NXT, the design and construction of ultra-thin, see-through loudspeakers. The company also says that SoundVu technology can be used in conjunction with all current LCD and video screen materials, from substrate polycarbonate plastics to laminated and toughened glass.

In a press release, NXT stated, "because of its ability to be incorporated into so many transparent materials, SoundVu can enhance the functionality of virtually any product containing a visual display---from cellular phones and PDAs to large-screen TVs. In addition, because SoundVu could prove more efficient in translating electrical energy to acoustic energy, it holds great promise as a battery-friendly sound source for many portable devices. In years to come, SoundVu may also prove an ideal platform for the implementation of digital NXT technology."

NXT says that, following a series of initial laboratory demonstrations for potential licensees, SoundVu is currently undergoing an intensified development program to enable products using the technology to be on the market within the next 18 months. The company also claims that numerous NXT-based products will be introduced later this year by various licensees.