Audiophile Club of Athens Debuts Website

We recently received the following from Christos Skaloumbakas, President of the Audiophile Club of Athens, Greece. The ACA website is easy to navigate, with pictures and descriptions of members' systems---including listening rooms' floor construction and furnishings. Except for a few letters and opinion pieces, text is in clearly written English. The club is completely noncommercial, has no position regarding any of the usual audiophile controversies, and encourages open discussion. A love of music and a desire to share it are the only requirements for membership.---BW

The Audiophile Club of Athens is a registered nonprofit organization founded in May 1998. Our website has existed since November 10, 1998.

Our aim is to promote listening to good music through decent playback systems. For that reason, we invite musicians and people from the audio industry to our monthly meeting programs, which take place at members' homes along with the listening sessions. We also exchange ideas, musical tastes, and discoveries from our own personal experiences.

We are audio and music enthusiasts like you. We are not in the business, but we are interested in getting the most out of our systems and enjoying the music to the maximum. We provide a forum for the exchange of ideas among audio consumers, dealers, manufacturers, and press people. There is no commercial pressure, just fun with friends.

We cater to all audiophile interests. We have tube romantics and solid-state lovers, people who prefer listening to CDs, and others who love vinyl and think digital should be out of the high-end business; people with advanced degrees in engineering, and people who believe High End is an art. But we all have one thing in common: We love music, and we love to hear it accurately and emotionally reproduced in our own private homes.

We will be grateful if you visit our website. This is only the beginning, so comments and suggestions are most welcome.

Our best regards,

Christos Skaloumbakas
President of ACA
Fax: +30 1 8095306