CDKnet Inks Deal with Atlantic Records

Last Friday, October 23, Garden City, NY---based CDKnet announced that Atlantic Recording Corporation had signed a licensing agreement to use the company’s CDT technology for enhancing the content of its music CDs. CDKnet’s audio and video streaming technology embeds links on music CDs to sites on the World Wide Web, such as Atlantic’s own Metrotainment site. The first musical release under this agreement will be "A Random Act of Senseless Kindness," a single by South SixtyFive, a new group on the Atlantic label.

Eventually, millions of customers will be accommodated by CDKnet’s high-speed server, according to a company press release. CDK’s technology is described as "a convergent technology which combines Internet browser functionality, 'Red Book' quality audio, and full-screen full-motion video in one platform." It is being marketed for a variety of advertising, promotional, and entertainment uses. "We believe that the Atlantic agreement represents another important measure of acceptance of CDK technology for the linking of music, videos and the web on CDs. We are very positive about the prospects for further releases with Atlantic and other major labels," said Ron Leong, CEO of CDKnet, which is a subsidiary of Technology Horizons Corporation. The agreement with Atlantic includes an arrangement to refer to CDK technology in trade ads.

One hoped-for outcome of the deal is that the presence of links to Metrotainment will lead to that site becoming "a major portal to the Internet." Traffic-heavy sites can generate significant advertising revenues, a company spokesperson noted. The site will offer video "stream screen" capability, provide broadcast quality audio and video, as well as arcade games that CDK users will "enjoy as part of a more complete entertainment experience." The experience will be even more complete with the addition of a full link to the CDExpress online shopping site, a project expected to be complete "in about 60 days," according to Robert Kelly, CDKnet's president. "Immediate product delivery" is one service Kelly is hyping, as well as "a professional customer service center."

CDKnet has licensing agreements with companies such as Citibank, Sony Music, MCI, The New York Yankees, Madison Square Garden (New York Knicks and Rangers), Trimark Home Video, Weight Watchers, MTV Networks, EMI-Capitol Entertainment Properties ( E-Prop), Wind-Up Entertainment, King Biscuit, MegaForce Records and J-Bird Records, Mutiny Records and Ignition Records for its proprietary CDK and PC Game Player technologies and claims to be "in discussions with major film studios, recording labels, recording artists, broadcast networks and Internet access providers."

CDKnet's own "state-of-the-art" website is reported to be "under construction."