Tell Us About Your Audio System!

It wasn't easy building the perfect audio system---endless hours spent choosing synergistic components, and working that impossible room to its greatest advantage. Why not share the struggle, the rewards, and the knowledge gained by sending information about your audio environment to us here at Stereophile?

In the coming weeks we'll be putting together a resource that we think audiophiles will find quite useful: The Stereophile Readers' Systems Page. We'll be compiling a database of your audio equipment and habitats that will enable audio folk to compare notes and get in touch with others facing similar obstacles.

What we're looking for:
1) Tell us about your system---what's currently in it, including all accessories, what was replaced and why, and what you're planning to upgrade and why.

2) Describe your room---including its dimensions---and how you worked it into an audio utopia. How did you deal with imaging and bass problems? Power conditioning? Wall, ceiling, and floor treatments?

3) What kinds of music do you prefer, and what do you use to tune your system? What are your "Desert Island" picks?

4) Most important, what did you learn the hard way that you can share to make our audio lives easier?

How to submit your system:
Send the answers to the above questions as text in an e-mail to: Please include any additional information you think would be of interest to our readers.

We would also prefer to have pictures of your installation. Let us know in your e-mail what is available, and we will arrange for electronic or snail-mail transfer of the images.