Every Grueling Minute Available for Your Entertainment . . .

The process becomes the product: in an announcement tinged with shades of This Is Spinal Tap, the band LIVE says it will be recording its next album under the scrutiny of a live internet camera. The webcast, which began July 17, is available on LIVE's website 24 hours a day, offering fans and the simply curious an "unblinking" glimpse of the creation of their new album, from "start to finish."

To create the webcast, LIVE partnered with newly formed online music company Is Entertainment. The LIVE webcast brings a real-time camera into the studio, with the band and producer Jerry Harrison controlling the audio output and camera feeds. At least once a week, the band will take time out to answer questions posted by fans, to interview each other, their crew, and guests in the studio, as well as to participate in an online chat.

According to the band, "This will give fans the unique opportunity to participate in the complete public unfolding of a major musical work of art." Coinciding with the event will be an internet-only ticket giveaway to a private concert the band is performing in Seattle this September.

In true Spinal Tap fashion, Is Entertainment Co-Founder Kristen Stavola commented, "This project will give the audience perspective. Making an album is a lengthy and pretty cool process that not very many people get to experience. I am looking forward to this project because I have watched for the last few years as LIVE has embraced technology and the internet to create a really cool music experience that is more about their fans than anything else."

LIVE has had three platinum-selling albums since 1992. Comprising vocalist Ed Kowalczyk, guitarist Chad Taylor, bassist Patrick Dahlheimer, and drummer Chad Gracey, LIVE began more than 11 years ago in York, PA.