Golden Note Awards Bestowed at HI-FI '98

On Wednesday evening, June 10, The Academy Advancing High Performance Audio & Video held its 1998 Golden Note Awards at the Marina Del Rey Ritz-Carlton. Following an address by John Hoskins of the Advantage Performance Group, a sales consulting firm, the amiable awards ceremony was MC'd by Paradigm's own stand-up comedian, Rob Sample. AAHPAV's ceaselessly energetic Chairperson Sue Regan assisted in the presentations, as did Academy President Joe Picirilli. And the hard-working winners (drum roll, please) are . . .

Analog Source Design
Grado Reference Series Phono Cartridge, Grado Labs, John Grado

Audio Digital Source Design
Krell KPS-25s, Krell Industries, Inc., Dan D'Agostino

Digital Converter Design
Meridian 566.24 D/A converter, Meridian Audio, Bob Stuart

Audio Processor Design
Z-Systems rdp-1 Reference Digital Preamplifier, Z-Systems Audio Labs, Dr. Glenn Zelniker

Surround-Sound Controller Design
Theta Casablanca, Theta Digital, Theta Design Team

Tube Electronics Design
Conrad-Johnson ART, Conrad-Johnson, Bill Conrad & Lew Johnson

Solid-State Electronics Design
Krell 650M 650W monoblock amp, Krell Industries, Inc., Dan D'Agostino

Cable Design
Monster Cable M2.2 & M2.4 speaker cable, Monster Cable, Noel Lee

Peripheral Design
ISF DVD Reference setup disc, Imaging Science Foundation, Joe Kane

Best Loudspeaker Design
Wilson X-1 Grand SLAMM II, Wilson Audio, Dave Wilson

Best Loudspeaker Value
Aerial 10T, Aerial Acoustics, Michael Kelly, David Marshall

Most Aesthetic Audio Design
Wazoo integrated amp, Bow Technologies A/S, Bo Christenson

Best Re-Issued Recording
Miles Davis, Kind of Blue, Classic Records

Best Original Recording
Bruckner, Symphony 9, Stanislaw Skrowaczewski, Minnesota Orchestra, Reference Recordings

Best New Audio Company
Revel Speakers, Sandy Berlin, Kevin Voecks

Most Innovative Audio Technology
Revel, Kevin Voecks, testing procedures, techniques.