Recoton Corporation Licenses NHT Brand Name to Vergence Technology

On March 17, Recoton Corporation announced that it has licensed the NHT brand name to Vergence Technology, Inc. NHT is a name known among audiophiles for its line of loudspeaker products for home audio. Vergence intends to utilize the NHT brand name on its new line of products designed specifically for the pro audio and professional home music markets. Planning for this marketing agreement has been in development for many months with Vergence Technology's Chris Byrne and Ken Kantor, who were also the founders of NHT.

Robert L. Borchardt, Recoton Corporation's President and CEO, stated that "Recoton has its roots in the music business, and we are particularly excited about the potential of today's market. Vergence's intent to extend the NHT brand name further into the pro marketplace is welcomed. The track record of the principals of Vergence holds credibility with retailers, the press, and influential customers for creating products with the right elements of technology, performance, and value. We feel this is a great match which will benefit our continuing use of the NHT brand for home audio products."

The rapid improvement of affordable digital recording gear, combined with the emergence of the consumer-oriented music store, has led to a veritable explosion in the music-making category. Vergence feels that affordable and high-performance loudspeakers for that market are in short supply. Vergence aims to leverage the NHT brand's reputation and experience to quickly build a market position using concepts proven to work for the brand in the hi-fi and home theater areas.

"Home and professional project studios are starting to rival traditional hi-fi as a commercial force. The way things are evolving presents a clear market opportunity that fits well with the image and strategy that built the NHT brand," says Vergence CEO Chris Byrne.

Vergence's Chief Technology Officer Ken Kantor adds, "There is no good reason why today's professional or project studio customer should have to live with a monitor that is inferior in sound to a high-end home hi-fi speaker. We think pro audio should be driving technology and accuracy, and we have the resources to do it affordably. Beyond this, the synergy of having a presence on both sides of the audio business is very great."

Recoton Corporation develops, manufactures, and markets consumer electronic accessories, loudspeakers, and car audio products. Some of their brands include: Advent, Ampersand, AR/Acoustic Research, Discwasher, NHT, Parsec, Phase Linear, Recoton, SoleControl, and SoundQuest.

Vergence Technology, Inc. is a startup founded by marketing and technology pioneers Chris Byrne and Ken Kantor. NHT Pro Market products under development include audio, pro monitoring equipment, digital signal-distribution systems, and professional multichannel technology.