Wisdom Audio Taps Mark Glazier for President

On October 4, Wisdom Audio announced the appointment of its new president, industry veteran Mark Glazier, to oversee the company's sales, customer development and support, marketing, distribution, and overall business development.

Most recently employed at AudioQuest, Glazier is best known for his 22-year stint at Madrigal—both as an independent company and as part of Harman International—where he oversaw the development and corporate philosophy of the Mark Levinson, Proceed, Revel, and Audioaccess marques. For 16 years, Glazier also served as Madrigal's president.

Glazier told Stereophile, "I was approached by Wisdom to work on a project back in 2004, and I began consulting for the company in 2005. It's a good fit for me in a number of ways. Wisdom is in the process of developing a new series of planar-magnetic designs and woofer drivers that will allow the company to create a whole new generation of products that have almost unlimited potential. I get to work with Tom Bohlender and David Graebner, who started Bohlender-Graebner with Tom, and they're capable of taking speaker design in an exciting new direction."

CEO Tom Bohlender was equally enthusiastic. "The timing was just right and we were very lucky to acquire Mark. We've been kind of a Mom and Pop company these last several years, and now that we're ready to grow, we're just so fortunate Mark was ready to help us do it."

Wisdom has concentrated primarily on ultra-high-end hybrid loudspeakers that marry planar-magnetic towers with extremely high-output subwoofer assemblies. Glazier and Bohlender hinted at upcoming products that may take Wisdom in several radically different directions. Stay tuned for reports from the frontlines.